Worcester 3 Way Ball Valve D44 / D4

One Piece Seat and Body Seal, Bi-Directional Flow.
The 3-way ball valve provides greater flexibility in operation. Constructed with a one piece seat and body seal, the 3-way valve permits flow in both directions. It can function as a selector valve, alternately accepting media from either of two inlet sources and directing through a single outlet. Or, it may be used as a true 3-way valve, accepting media from two inlet sources for alternate discharge through either of two outlet ports. For example, in a pressurized line or system, the inlet port pressurizes or fills the system. The valve is then operated through its travel to allow the pressurized contents to be discharged through the second outlet port with the original outlet port now functioning as the inlet.

The 3-way ball valve is available with two different porting configurations. V1 Porting provides 90° operation for manual, pneumatic or reversing type electric actuation. With V1 Porting, alternate side ports are shut off at the 0° and 90° positions. V2 Porting shuts off one side at 0°, the opposite side at 180° and both sides at 90°, but there is no mechanical stop at 90°. V2 Porting permits 0° and 180° operation for manual or electric actuation only. Both positions can be shut off completely.