Goyen K0380 / K0384

Goyen Pulse Jet Valve CA45T010-300 CA76MM010-305 Armature Plunger K0380 / K0384 Solenoid Pilot

1. Suitable For
K0380 / K0384 is suitable for Goyen series pulse valves, such as CA-T Series, CA-DD Series, CA-MM Series.
Plunger and core are made by a magnetic stainless steel specially designed for solenoid application The plunger is normally equipped with NBR rubber seals. Other materials like FKM are available upon request.
The armature assembly is designed for more than 50×106 cycles.
The guide tube is made with brass (stainless steel is possible upon special agreement).
K0380 is made from Nitrile used in between -10 ~ 85 Degrees Celsius.
K0384 is made from Vitton.

2. Operation
Recommended on time range: 50-500ms. Recommended time between pulses: 1 minute or greater.

3. Operating Voltage
a. All coils are designed to operate at 15% or 10% below the nominal voltage (Un) and at 10% above the nominal
voltage (Un).[Applicable standards: IEC 335, EN 60730- 1, UL 429]
b. The coils are rated for continuous duty within the maximum ambient temperature limits (100% ED).