Goyen RCA3D


1. Suitable for
All Goyen dust collector diaphragm valves.
Installation :
Prepare pilot mounting hole in panel to Φ19.3/19.4(Φ0.760″). Panel thickness must exceed 1.5mm(0.062″). Ensure o-ring is in place before tightening locknut. Preferably, install pilot valves with solenoid on top. For reliable operaation, ensure voltage is within -10% and +15% of rated solenoid voltages. Replace components within 1 minlioncycles.

2. Construction
Body : Aluminium (diecast)
Ferrule : 304 SS
Armature : 430FR SS
Seals : Nitrile
Locknut : Mild steel zinc passivated :302SS
Screws Clip : Mild steel (plated)

3. Operation
Recommended on time range: 50-500ms Recommended time between pulse: 1 minutes or greater

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RCA3D2 110 VAC

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RCA3D2 220 VAC

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