Goyen Solenoid Q Series

Suitable for
All integrally piloted Goyen dust collector diaphragm valves, RCA3D series pilot valves and pilot valve enclosures, and 3DS pilot valves.

Slide solenoid over ferrule tube. Ensure terminals are on top. For QT and QF type solenoids ensure nylon washer is in place. Slide clip onto pilot iron top. Ensure voltage supplied to solenoid is within -10% and +15% of the solenoid rated voltage.

Encapsulation: PA-6
C-frame: Mild steel zinc passivated Bobbin: PA-6
Insulation class: B/130°C
Rating: Non-continuous use only Clip: Mild steel (mechanically plated)

on time range: 50-500ms
Recommended time
between pulses: 1 minute or greater

• C-Tick
• EMC (89/336/CE)