HYT CPO PSA Oxygen Generator

HYT CPO PSA oxygen generator provides dependable oxygen supply to meet middle and small amount oxygen on-site requirements. PSA oxygen generator usually adopts two adsorption towers, which are filled with the Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS). ZMS has many tiny holes, under certain pressure, the tiny holes have different adsorption capacity to nitrogen and oxygen.When one tower adsorbs nitrogen and produces oxygen, the other desorbs nitrogen and makes regeneration. This alternate process constantly produces oxygen.

Parameters :
Oxygen flow : 1~200Nm3/h
Oxygen purity : 25%~95%
Oxygen discharge pressure : 0.1Mpa~0.6Mpa
Oxygen dew point : -70℃ ~-50℃

Features and Benefits :
• Producing oxygen rapidly
• Air: O2 Ratio about 10:1 (93% oxygen outlet)
• Save energy 20%-30% for low pressure condition
• IP67 level protection
• Globalization standard (GB,ASME,CE,GOST,etc)
• More than 29 selectable functions
• Friendly interface, save space, shorten reaction time and easy to operate
• High-tech control system, Long-distance control
• Easy transportation, inspection and maintenance
• Durable, more than 10 years normal operation

Scope of Supply

Standard Components(PN) :
– Adsorption Towers
– Control System With PLC/HMI
– Exhaust Muffler
– Recovery System
– Oxygen Analyer
– Oxygen Buffering
– Tank
– Piping and Instrumentation
– Solenoid Valve
– Pressure Auto-Control
– Product Flow Meter
– Pneumatic Valve
– Unqualified auto-venting

Optional :
– Air Buffering Tank
– Air Compressor
– Air Filters
– Booster
– Degreaser
– Dew point Analyzer
– Dryer
– Filling Station
– High Pressure Compressor
– Sterilizing filter

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