APV W+ Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps (IEC)

The W+ pump series is based on a unique hydraulic design that ensures maximum efficiency, allows for highest hygienic standards and reduces noise and vibration

Product Features and Benefits:
• Reliable and Heavy Duty Design
• Energy Efficient
• Quiet Performance with Minimal Vibration
• Superior Shaft Seal Design
• High Pressure Capability
• 3-A (Optional)
• Designed for CIP (Cleaning-In-Place as well as SIP (Sterilizing-In-Place)
• Suitable for a Wide Variety of Products
• Wide Range of Optional Features Available
• Easy and Cost Effective Maintenance

Sealing Area Designed For Hygienic Applications:
The shaft seal area is essential in terms of hygiene. W+ pumps are designed without dead pockets and for frequent exchange of liquid. The pumps are equipped with a shaft seal that is ideal for hygienic applications.

Seal Advantages:
• Internal seal design optimizes cooling and lubrication of seal surfaces while the seal chamber is built to efficiently dissipate heat. Both work to reduce risk of ”dry-running”
• Directed flow assures thorough cleaning of seal area
• The stationary spring is located outside the product contact area to maintain cleanliness
• Two sizes cover all models (excl. W+50/600)
• Front loading seal simplifies maintenance: only the pump housing and impeller have to be disassembled, then the shaft seal can be replaced quickly from the front
• Can easily be rebuilt into a double mechanical shaft seal for use with water flushing or with a barrier medium for aseptic applications
• Double mechanical is mirror image of single: same seal faces and o-rings

Typical Product Applications :
• Beverage : Beer, Cider, Fruit Drinks, Liquid Sugar and Glucose, Soft drinks, Wine and Wort.
• Food : Animal oils, Flavourings, Pet food, Soups & Sauces, Vegetable juice, Vegetable oils and Vinegars.
• Dairy : Cream, Milk, Milk concentrate, Raw milk, Skimmed milk, Whey and Whey concentrate.
• Pharmaceutical and Toiletries : Emulsions, Extracts, Lotions, Perfumes, WFI (Water for Injection), High Purity, Water and Pure water.
• Chemical : Additives, Adhesives, Coatings, Contaminated liquids, Detergents, Emulsions and Paint.