HYT CVO VPSA Oxygen Generator

The HYT CVO VPSA oxygen generator provides dependable oxygen supply to meet a broad range of requirements. The CVO generator uses adsorption technology to separate atmosphere air into its two principal components – nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen, at your specified purity, is provided to your application at the required pressure, and the waste stream (impure nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide) is vented to the atmosphere. The CVO generator adopts Li-LSX ZMS, which maximizes efficiency and significantly reduces energy requirements, regarded as the low-cost oxygen source.

Parameters :
● Oxygen flow: 50~5000Nm3/h
● Oxygen purity:25%~95%
● Oxygen discharge pressure: Customization
● Oxygen dew point: -70℃ ~-50℃

Features and Benefits :
● Save operating cost
● High quality and reliability
● Minimum required plot space
● Modular design for easy relocation
● Fully automatic control, unmanned operation
● Round-the-clock monitoring
● Turn on/off is convenient and quickly
● Efficient turndown to 50% of full capacity
● Compared with the cryogenic equipment, shorter construction cycle, less investment
● 35~0.38kwh/Nm3 Energy consumption when oxygen purity is 90%

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