APV High-pressure Homogenizer Rannie 55/75 / Gaulin 55/75

The Rannie 55 / Gaulin 55 homogeniser, a positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plunger pump, is fitted with an applicationspecific homogenising valve assembly: single-stage with hydraulic actuation. this homogeniser incorporates a durable slow-speed power end that reduces vibration and noise. Easy access to the hydraulic actuation system, lubrication oil and other auxiliary systems simplifies maintenance saving time and money. Liquid end options include a three-piece valve housing (Rannie) and a mono-block design (Gaulin) (ball and poppet style).

Standard Options for Rannie 55 / Gaulin 55 :
• Two-stage hydraulic valve actuation (HVA)
• Single-stage automatic hydraulic system (AHS)
• Two-stage automatic hydraulic system (AHS)
• Pulsation dampener(s) on inlet and outlet
• Aseptic cylinder design
• Electronic pressure transmitter excl. display
• High-pressure outlet
• Inlet pressure gauge
• Plunger lubrication control package
• Micro-Gap homogenising valve
• Tungsten carbide homogenising valve
• Square plunger seals and ceramic plungers (Rannie valve housing only)
• External cooling fan/main motor
• Motor starter
• Control cabinet, stainless steel
• Thermostat/oil temperature

Special Options :
• Acid-proof cylinder (Gaulin valve housing only)
• Ceramic plungers with U- or V-rings
• Explosion-proof design
• Electropolished wettables
• High-temperature design
• Flow switch – power end cooling
• UFO – Unit for Filtration of Oil