Worcester Diverter Ball Valve D44 / D4

Separate Seats and Body Seals, One Flow Direction
The diverter valve is designed to accept media through a bottom inlet port and direct it out either of two outlet ports. It is commonly used for alternately diverting flow from a single source to two different lines, for example dumping operations in which one outlet permits media to flow from a common source to the process while the other outlet alternately dumps or recirculates excess media.

The Diverter Ball Valve is available with two different porting configurations.
V1 Porting is 90° operation for manual, pneumatic or reversing type electric actuation. The flow from the bottom inlet port cannot be shut off, only diverted to either of the two outlet ports.
V2 Porting is 180° operation for manual or 180° electric actuation. With this configuration, the flow can be shut off by simply operating the valve 90°. However, there is no mechanical stop arrangement for this position.
The diverter valve is constructed with separate seat and body seal.