APV High-Pressure Homogenizer Rannie 110T/125T / Gaulin 110T/125T

The APV 110T homogeniser is a three-plunger, reciprocating pump, fitted with a single-stage homogenising valve (two-stage optional) with manually adjustable hydraulic actuators.The APV 110T incorporates a durable slowspeed Power End in a low and compact design, mounted on a concrete sub-frame that
reduces vibrations and noise.

One point of control and direct visibility to all internal and external indicators, combined with easy access to all service areas, saves time and money by simplifying inspection and reducing maintenance to a minimum

Liquid End Includes :
• Pressure gauge
• Pressure relief valve
• Weld-stub product connections

Power End Includes :
• Internal gear and self-adjusting belt tightening
• External plate heat exchanger with temperature transmitter

Instrumentation Includes :
• All equipment wired to stainless steel control cabinet (IP69K)
• Emergency stop

Standar Options for APV 110T :
• Start/stop buttons
• 2nd stage homogenising valve with hydraulic or manual actuation
• Potentiometer-controlled electrical valves for hydraulic actuators
• Remote Kit including 4-20mA output for product pressure, controllers for automatic pressure control and oil-filter alarm switch
• Plunger lubrication control package including flow switch and solenoid valve
• Inlet pressure gauge with low pressure switch
• Aseptic cylinder design
• High-pressure outlet connections
• Pulsation dampener(s): inlet and outlet
• Micro-Gap homogenising valve for increased homogenising efficiency
• Motor starter
• Low-noise insulation of Power End and extension for Liquid End as add-on kit
• Ventilators for very hot environments
• Plungers in ceramics
• Choice of materials for cylinder block, pump valves, homogenising valves, packings, etc.